Umbrella Ministries - Support to mothers who have lost a child
“We may not be able to make the sun shine for you...
                                                                      but we can hold the umbrella”.

Umbrella Ministries is a non-denominational ministry, with the sole mission to offer comfort, hope, and encouragement to mothers who have suffered the loss of a child. We offer support to bereaved mothers by:

  • Providing them with a safe place to work through the grief process by encouraging them to share their feelings and to trust in God for comfort, peace and hope.

  • Providing an opportunity for them to talk about their children through care and share groups and to turn their loss into a ministry of helping others.

  • Providing articles of support and encouragement filled with love.

  • Providing annual women’s retreats and workshops for mothers who have experienced the loss of a child filled with faith and hope.

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Umbrella Ministries is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), operating solely through donations, with no paid staff. Your tax deductible donation will enable the ministry to continue to reach out to heartbroken moms who have lost a child.
Umbrella Ministries grief support
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