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Can you imagine

Coming together with mothers who love the Lord and want Him to use them to help other mothers who like themselves, have lived through the devastation of their child’s death? Imagine the light these mothers can bring into that dark place of loss that so many endure each day without the understanding of someone who has been there.

This coming together is to lift up, bringing a smile to a face that has endured far too many tears. This group provides a link to a future that cannot be imagined from the depths of despair. The sharing of faith as well as bright memories and photos, aid in clearing away the debris of guilt, anger, or depression, to focus on the strength that coming together with an understanding friend can bring.

This is Umbrella Ministries. We’d love for you to share in the positive, upward and onward momentum that Umbrella Ministries offers, mother to mother, heart to heart.

2019 Events

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(Registration for both conferences will open January 1st)
“Journey of the Heart”
Phoenix Couples Dinner
and Conference
Phoenix Seminary
Scottsdale, AZ
 “Journey of the Heart” 
West Coast Conference
Forest Home, Forest Falls, CA
A Day of Hope and Gods healing for a Mothers Heart
A Day of Hope
A conference for bereaved moms offering hope and support.
Stony Point Presbyterian Church
For more information, contact:
Judy Joyce 804-839-7899 or Kathy Brundage 804-405-3001
God’s Healing for a Mother’s Heart
A day of hope and encouragement
First Baptist, Simpsonville, SC
For more information, contact:
Jan James: jan@pdtm.us or 864-963-3543 or
Alice Ann Holman: aadholman@gmail.com or 864-979-3198

The following Christian outreach events, although inspired or influenced by Umbrella Ministries, are independently set up and operated locally by women of faith…

                                                                                  Hope and God’s Healing for a Mother’s Heart